Welcome to White Cloud Professionalisation

We are passionate about the professional development of the New Zealand disability workforce, and we believe in the need for individuals, within the workforce, to develop their professional identities through reflective thinking, in and on practice, as an essential part of this process.

Disability Workforce Development

We offer the New Zealand disability workforce opportunities to practice and develop skills and confidence engaging in reflective thinking about themselves and their experiences in relation to their role.

In addition to the acquisition and development of sector relevant knowledge and practical skills and having an understanding of sector and organisational values and expectations, it is essential that the workforce develops skills reflecting upon own beliefs, attitudes, values, intentions, skills, knowledge and experiences in relation to their role – developing a professional identity.

Professional Identity

The development of professional identity within the disability workforce is crucial. Possessing self-awareness supports the ability to understand the complexities of relationships with people supported and other relevant stakeholders, and it supports the ability to practice in accordance with professional standards.

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Shannon Willemen 2

These sessions have been hugely beneficial

My name is Shannon; I am a Team Lead for Aspire Community Support. The sessions with White Cloud have given me an opportunity that I would not usually have in my day-to-day role; A chance to sit with colleagues and have honest conversations with each other about our experiences and perspectives in relation to different topics or issues that we face in the disability sector...

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