Mia Barr

Director & Facilitator

Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood & Social Education, Denmark
Masters Degree in Psychology, New Zealand

021 297 0579

Mia has worked in the disability sector in New Zealand and abroad for over 20 years. She has hands on experience as a support worker, and has operated in a range of training, leadership and management roles. Over the past 10 years Mia has, through White Cloud’s International Internship programme, established close relationships with many European universities offering tertiary qualifications for professionals supporting people with disabilities. Mia has comprehensive experience supporting individuals on their professionalisation journeys; offering them educational and professional 1:1 and group supervision as an essential ingredient alongside their practical work experience. Mia is passionate about bringing to light the better outcomes available for all, when self-reflection and general reflective practice is supported, practiced and applied in the workplace.
I enjoy experiencing individuals gaining a better understanding of themselves and the strengths and opportunities this insight offers them – and importantly the people they support